Best Bonuses Online Casino to Play 2023 – Promotions in Europe

Best Bonuses Online Casino - How They Work and What They Offer

Casino bonuses are often the calling card of many online platforms that offer casino games. There’s no better way to get new customers and users than by giving them a bonus that makes their experience a lot better.

The charm behind an online casino bonus is that it allows the player to access more than their budget or skills allow. If you want to know more about online casino bonuses, pay attention to all the information we offer you in this guide.

Top 5 Best Bonuses Online Casino in Europe – Comparison

After establishing the features that a good online casino bonus should have, it was easier to come up with a list of the best casino bonuses online casino in Europe. Pay attention below so that you can sign up to any of the platforms we will mention and enjoy their bonuses and promotions.

Best Bonuses Online Casino and Promotions 2023

  • 22Bet Casino – €300 Bonus
  • Unique Casino – €200 Welcome Bonus
  • 20Bet Casino – €120 + 120 free spins
  • MaChance Casino – 100% Bonus Up to €250
  • Stake Casino – €2 000 + 200 free spins

Features to Recognise the Best Bonus Online Casino

The offer of free casino bonuses, no deposit or deposit, exists in the same proportion as the number of online casinos, i.e., they abound. For that reason, it is imperative to establish a set of criteria to help you find the best bonuses at an online casino. Play at an online casino that offers bonuses and promotions with the following characteristics:


This is the first factor you should look for when you find a casino welcome bonus that catches your eye. Because you are likely to fall into the trap of many online casinos that offer bonuses for high amounts, but when they are claimed, they have unrealistic conditions and requirements.

To avoid that, you should pay attention to the wagering requirements. If an online casino bonus requires you to wager more than 50 times the bonus amount or winnings in order to qualify for the bonus, then that bonus is not the best one. If you want to activate and release the bonus quickly so that you can enjoy it well, you should opt for a bonus with wagering requirements of 25 times the bonus amount.

Contribution Depending on the Game

The wagering requirements of each bonus have a different contribution depending on the game where you use it. This means that if you need to wager 25 times to release a welcome bonus, you will need to do so on a game such as slots. This is because, due to their high level of wagering risk, the contribution is 100%, meaning you will need to spin the reels 25 times before you get the bonus.

With the other casino games, it is not the same. Usually, roulette, blackjack, and the other games offer a contribution of up to 25%. This means that you will have to wager many times the value of the bonus or your first deposit to access the benefits. The good thing about this is that the contributions vary from online casino to online casino. In the case of Betfair, for example, you can easily play blackjack to release the bonus as the contribution is 50%. This is very different from other online casinos that offer a 10% contribution for this type of game.

Bonus Validity Time:

Any casino bonus you find online will have a set validity period, which, after being completed, causes the bonus to be cancelled. When you look at the different expiration dates of a bonus you’re interested in, you can figure out if the conditions you have to meet to get the bonus can be done in that time frame.

In general, most European-licensed online casinos offer bonuses that are good for more than 30 days. In that time frame, it is likely that the requirements and contributions they ask for will be fulfilled. There are also online casinos with bonuses that are too good to pass up but have time limits that are impossible to meet. Considering this factor will help you know whether, despite having a bonus valid for 15 days, you can afford to meet the requirements and make the contributions demanded.

Bond Amount:

Bonuses are essentially the main marketing tool that online casinos rely on, so you will find many offers that reach really high amounts, but you will have to be wary of the requirements they demand. One of the best things about the most popular bonus amounts is that they match a certain percentage of your first deposit. This can make it easier to get your bonus money.

Best Bonuses Online Casino to Play 2023 - Promotions in Europe

In Europe, most casino promotions offer 100% of what you deposit. This means that if you put in €100, the casino will give you another €100. You can also find online casino welcome package bonuses that can offer anywhere from 25% up to 300% of your first deposit. These types of bonus packages can be attractive, but you should be aware that they are offered in separate deposits, meaning that if you find yourself with a 100% bonus, you may have to make 4 deposits and receive 25% of each of them. That means that for each deposit, you will have requirements and contributions to meet.

Deposits and withdrawals:

Whether or not an online casino’s bonuses are some of the best on the market also depends on how easy it is to deposit and take out money. You have probably already come across several online casinos that offer their welcome bonuses only to people who use an established deposit method, and if you don’t have one, you simply don’t get the service. There are also platforms that allow you to deposit with ease to get the bonus, but then when you withdraw, they don’t let you and make you wager the amount of the bonus you released and the winnings you make with it.

Generally, the deposit methods that suffer the most from marginalization by online casinos in Europe are digital wallets. But it’s not all bad news; there are casino bonuses that you can access easily and quickly without having to worry about deposit and withdrawal methods.

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Wide Variety of Casino Bonus and Promotions For You

Casino welcome bonuses are not the only promotions offered by online casinos like 22Bet. In order to keep the flame of interest alive in their players, they offer all kinds of incentives that contribute to enhancing the user experience within the platform. Take note of the various types of online casino bonuses available to you.

Reload Bonus:

Reload bonuses are promotions that only the best online casinos offer. They involve giving new players bonuses over and over again for a set amount of time. Leading the way in this type of promotion is bwin, which in addition to having a welcome package of up to €500, which can be reached on the first five deposits, also has a free bonus.

Free Spins:

Slot machines are very popular in Europe, and the main reason is that they have progressive jackpots that build up to be worth a lot of money. That fact is well known to big online casinos like Casoo, which is why many of them offer free spins along with their casino welcome bonuses. This way, players can spin the reels without risking their own money, but with the same chance of hitting the jackpot and claiming the prize.


Promotions show that the best bonuses online casinos are not just for new players. With them, gamblers who regularly log on to online bookmakers can get cash prizes, free play credits, or better betting conditions. There are promotions of all kinds. They can be daily, weekly, monthly, or anniversary promotions. They can also take the form of tournaments where cash prizes are awarded to the top finishers in games such as blackjack. 888casino is the king when it comes to promotions, and they are very creative in inventing new ways to reward their users.

Comp Points:

This type of bonus is available in the loyalty programs of most online casinos, and they work in a simple way: for every €10 you wager, you will receive 1 comp point. After you earn a certain amount of points, you can redeem them for real money to continue playing on the platform. At some online casinos, comp points are also redeemable for higher levels within VIP programs.

VIP programme:

These types of programs are designed to reward player loyalty within the platform. They work on a tiered basis, and the higher you go, the better rewards you receive. Some of the rewards available in any online casino VIP club are better betting limits, exclusive tables at live casinos, additional bonuses, and even trips or tickets to concerts, events of various kinds, etc.

Refer a Friend:

Some of these casino bonuses are activated by inviting a friend to join the platform. Most of these bonuses offer €50 to the person who uses them after their guest has made a minimum deposit. In some cases, online casinos even reward the new member who joins by this method with a free casino welcome bonus of €25.

Mobile Bonus:

Finally, it is worth mentioning the new sensation among casino bonuses, which is that many online bookmakers have realized that in Europe more and more users are joining their casinos and playing via mobile. To attract these customers, they are giving mobile bonuses that are different from those on the main site in terms of amount and requirements.