Best Online Casinos – New Online Casinos for European Players

Best Online Casinos - Great options for Europeans

Online casinos are no exception to the technological advances that help many industries modernize to reach new audiences. Thanks to new programming languages, software, and formats, gamblers now have access to a more diverse and comprehensive range of online casinos in Europe.

In fact, a study by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) shows that the online casino gaming industry in Europe has grown by 400% since the European government started licensing the best online casinos in 2012.

That translates into an industry-wide capitalization of more than €1 billion per month, which is the same as €23,000 per day. These figures place the virtual casino industry at 1.14% of Europe’s GDP, and the trend is booming.

With the rapid growth of Spanish online casinos, it is not surprising that the gambling community, both new and experienced, is in need of acquiring relevant information on the best European online casino available. That is why there is this portal, where you can find expert and reliable online casino reviews as well as the most detailed information about online casino software providers, game features, and much more. Read on to learn about the process we use to bring you the most reliable and secure information on the best online casinos in Europe.

Online Casino Europe – Best Online Casinos List

  • Stake Casino
  • 888Casino
  • Betway Casino

European Online Casino – Criteria for Establishing Expert Casino Reviews

There are too many sites on the web that claim to offer an expert review of the different online casinos operating in Europe, but the truth is that they leave players with a lot of doubts about the gambling industry. In our reviews of the best legal online casinos in Europe, we look at the following things to make sure that all players’ needs are met:

A Quality Interface for The Best Online Casino in the Europe

At first glance, the most important thing to online gamblers is how the platform looks and works. Thanks to these, their user experience can be affected positively or negatively. We try to look at even the smallest details of how the best legal online casinos in Europe look and how they work. This will help to highlight the positive aspects that can make it easier for users to access the different sections of the platform.

In this section of our casino reviews, you can find a description of the online casino in question in each of its versions. The versions are in the desktop app, the mobile casino app, and the browser versions on your computer or mobile device. Based on that description, players will be able to identify how they would like to access their favorite games at that casino.

The functionality and navigational convenience of an online gaming platform are also thoroughly reviewed to expose them to players. It is pointless to have a casino that looks good and loads quickly on the various positives if it does not provide easy navigation and quick response to players. In this section, we pay special attention to the registration process because the immediacy, security, and simplicity of the registration forms say a lot about how the rest of the gaming experience will be for the user.

Comparison between 888casino and Betway Casino Designs

The most popular online casinos in Europe are 888casino and Betway Casino. This is mostly because their interfaces are made for two different types of players. 

  • 888casino has a more inclusive design that appeals to new and experienced gamblers of all ages. Its main colors, black and green, make interesting contrasts that are very pleasing to the eye. When it is coupled with the functionality and interactivity of the platform, many European players prefer this online casino.
  • On the other hand, Betway Casino offers a more modest and austere interface design, very much in keeping with the needs of its community of expert players, who are between the ages of 30 and 45. Like 888casino, Betway Casino is easy to use and lets players quickly get to their favorite games from any device or browser. 

At both casinos, you will notice that the registration process is completed in just a few steps so that the player can access the welcome bonus and start their gambling adventure.

A Trusted Online Casino Offers the Best Bonuses to Players

The main way that legal online casinos in Europe market themselves is through the bonuses and special deals they offer. That is, the more bonuses they offer, the more users will sign up for their platform. Bonuses with attractive amounts abound in the market, which is why it is our duty to inform players about the requirements of each bonus. This is so that they don’t fall into the trap of a site that offers a lot of money to new players but with conditions that are difficult to meet.

In the bonus section of our online casino reviews, you will find the information you need in different sections like the ones below:

  • Welcome Bonus: In this section of our reviews you will find a brief description of the welcome bonus offered by the platform; the amount and the minimum deposit you will need to make to access it. You will then find information on the requirements you will need to meet in order to get the welcome bonus, and if there is a code you need to enter to get it. Finally, you will find clearer details about the requirements, and whether or not it is worthwhile to access that platform for the bonus.
  • Ongoing promotions: Many online casinos in Europe offer daily and ongoing promotions to give their players extra joy. In this section we give you the details on the different promotions available, how to access them, and whether or not they have wagering requirements acceptable to the average player.
  • Comp Points and VIP Programmes: This section is optional within our reviews, as not all platforms offer these benefits to their players. In the reviews of online casinos that do offer comp points and VIP programs, you will provide details on how to get points or access the program. You will also find out what prizes or benefits you can redeem for points or access, depending on your level of membership, at the different online casino VIP clubs.

Please note that the amounts of welcome bonuses, promotions, and VIP programs may vary from online casino to online casino. This is why it is important that you pay attention to this section within the reviews, because you will know which platform suits you best and gives you the most opportunities. If you want more details on this, you can visit our specialized online casino bonuses section for the full guide.

The Range of Games and Softwares Available is an Important Aspect

The games on offer and the software behind them make up one of the most important pillars of any online casino; the success of any casino depends on its game catalog. In this section of our reviews, you will find an overview of the games, their number and types, and how they are organized within the casino so that you know if they are easy to access.

Best Online Casinos - New Online Casinos for European Players

You will also find out which companies provide those games at each site and the visual and functional features of the games available. This information will be useful to check if the European online casino you are interested in has a varied and interesting offer of your favorite game (slots, blackjack, roulette, etc.), and thus decide whether or not it is worth playing on that platform.

The Customer Service of an Online Casino in Europe Should Be Excellent

The best online casinos in Europe, such as ReloadBet, are known for offering such good service that users usually do not need to contact technical support or the customer service team. In case they have any questions, they can go to the FAQ section, and chances are that they will find the answer they are looking for.

In our expert reviews, we tell you about the features of that FAQ section and whether they really have the capacity to offer you the help you need. We also tell you the methods you will have available to contact customer service and the approximate amount of time it will take for them to give you an answer. That way, you can choose the method that best suits your needs, and you will have a more satisfactory user experience.


To conclude this guide with the criteria we used to bring you the best online casino reviews, we will use a section that you will also see at the end of each of the expert reviews we share. In the conclusions, we share our impressions of the online casino we have reviewed to give you a shorter summary of its positive and negative aspects. By the time you have finished reading the conclusion, you will most likely already have a verdict on whether the reviewed site suits your needs or not.